Terra Agric Farm Future Limited (TAFF)

Terra Agric Farm Future Nigeria Limited (TAFF) is a Nigerian Group Holding Company incorporated in 2019 by Terra Agric Investment BV, Netherlands (TAI). 

As a social impact company, Terra Agric wants to achieve good farming enterprise conditions in emerging countries and provide various “local high end” consumers, through Farm Future certified practices, safe and reliable food consumables, that complies with international export standards.

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TAFF Nigeria business model

TAFF Nigeria business model entails harnessing of opportunities in the various verticals of the agriculture value chain powered by Terra Agric Farm Future Program centres of excellence products and initiatives.

The Farm Future Program

The impact objective of Farm Future is to create family-based farming enterprises with middle-income generation capacity, and provide consumers with nationally produced and processed food that complies with the highest international export standards for quality and food safety.

The Farm Future Program, its related product brands and initiatives provide various centres of excellence powering agricultural value chain development in a sustainable and viable manner.