Business Focus

Program Franchise

TAFF Nigeria business scope is localized in Nigeria, with alliances developed for exports of agricultural commodities into global markets, as production and value addition capacities are ramped up.

TAFF Nigeria business focus remains an integrated agriculture value chain operator engaging the value chain with different operating entities as captured below:

  • Upstream Agric Value Chain

    • Aggregation of Input resources and assets with capability to achieve low cost and efficiency
    • Aggregation of Production capabilities through Own farms and Farm Future Farmers contracted production
    • Development of the most effective Post-Harvest processing infrastructure in Nigeria
  • Midstream Agric Value Chain

    • Aggregation of Storage resources and assets with capability to drive low cost for farmers and next stage users
    • Development of Trading assets and capabilities
  • Downstream Agric Value Chain

    • Development of processing and value addition assets close to the farmgate as much as possible
    • Development of a Quality Standard Label for end users

TAFF Nigeria is leading many strategic and niche operations in Input Provisioning, Crop Production, Agricultural machinery services, Livestock production, Agricultural Financial Services, Storage and Warehousing, Agro-Allied Processing, Commodity Management and Exportation among several others.

TAFF Nigeria has created and is still creating several collaborations and joint ventures with leading agribusinesses, institutional and financial investors in Nigeria.