Farm Future

Program Franchise

TAFF Nigeria is leveraging Terra Agric International, BV Netherlands (Terra Agric) proprietary and multinational Farm Future ProgramTM, which aggregates significant agricultural value chain development knowledge/know-how, practicable agribusiness methodologies, tools and frameworks, strategies and standards, approaches, templates, manuals, policies and processes; which when implemented and executed properly, delivers globally competitive, predictable, sustainable and viable agribusinesses in emerging agricultural markets such as Nigeria.

TAFF Nigeria operating model entails end-to-end operations across the agriculture value chain with strategic entities that have been set up and will be set up to actualize the mission and vision of the company.

Terra Agric’s proprietary methods have been developed over nineteen years and are able to deliver a new breed of commercial farmers, who are able to see farming as a way of life and means of generating wealth for themselves and their coming generations.

The Farm Future Program is a comprehensive approach that brings all the relevant stakeholders together in order to create, by selection and completion, the best breed of farmers and farming activities possible. Terra Agric has developed the Farm Future Program to build the winning farming teams in emerging agricultural countries.

Farm Future Program is a comprehensive farm development program which is based on the following principles:

Competitive Farming

Farming is about income generation, using biological processes like growth and selection in order to produce at the lowest possible cost of production.

Predictable Farming

Competitive farming is knowledge-based farming which is able to select, demand, and deliver according to buyers’ expectations.

Reliable Farming

Modern consumers are demanding compliance with “globally accepted good farm practices”, registered and traceable production and quality assurance which accepts the principle that the creator of any problem with the produce bares the cost of the problem.

Viable Farming

Farmers need to generate sufficient income in order to be able to satisfy their consumption demand as a family and need to grow their income potential with at least the national rate of economic growth, if not higher.

The impact objective of Farm Future is to create family-based farming enterprises with middle-income generation capacity, and provide consumers with nationally produced and processed food that complies with the highest international export standards for quality and food safety.

The Farm Future Program, its related product brands and initiatives provide various centres of excellence powering agricultural value chain development in a sustainable and viable manner.

Farm Future Farmer
Is at the centre of Terra Agric’s strategy as it focuses on supporting the productivity of current smallholder and aspiring youth farmers who have been profiled as high potential young farmers (male and female), to grow their current farming operations or start a new farm. Farm Future Alliance is the vehicle through which TAFF aggregates production of various commodities across farmer groups.
Farm Future Finance
Is delivered through local subsidiary level, nationally-licensed financial institution that is set up to be a specialist financial intermediary for agricultural value chain financing needs of Farm Future Farmers. Broad financial products include Equity, Leases and Credits.
Farm Future Knowledge
Is anchored on research and education to deliver impactful technical and managerial know how needed by Farm Future Farmers to be successful and deliver value to themselves and stakeholders. FF Knowledge will leverage resources from universities and agricultural institutions in operating countries to deliver a European certified Agriculture Business Master’s Degree
Farm Future Real Estate
Offers expert world class farm lands, buildings and infrastructure development support to the local subsidiary projects and initiatives.
Farm Best
This is the consumer product brand developed by Terra Agric encompassing technical services to facilitate end-to-end agriculture value chain development by Farm Future Farmers. Farm Best solutions comprise the facilitation of access to technology, seeds, parent animals, mechanization, mechanical services and various inputs that are required in the “farm future” methodology.
Farm Power
This is the green electricity and heat production that is produced by the Farm Future farmers and is needed for farm operations, product processing and natural consumers’ demand.
Farm Fresh
This is the consumer brand developed by Terra Agric for the high-end consumer market in the various countries of operation.